If you want to reconnect with nature get an owl box…

Phil Lavender`s original Owl & Kestrel ‘tyre’ nest boxes –
all made from recycled materials!

kestrel chicks looking out of nestbox

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”
― Theodore Roosevelt 

Why have a nestbox?

Being able to observe wild birds in their natural habitat is fascinating and a huge privilege. 

The lack of natural nesting sites in tree cavities and derelict barns can affect the breeding success of Owls and Kestrels. 

If ideal nesting sites are not available, they may attempt to nest in more open sites which have a much lower success rate. They will desert if disturbed too often or the nest may get predated, or they simply may not breed at all.

Hollow trees are rare, particularly in gardens and urban areas. Decaying trees are monumentally important to wildlife but are considered dangerous to humans.  So being over-cautious we generally have them felled.  You would think that we were the endangered species!

Too many old trees have become victims of the chainsaw through fear and ignorance. Strict health & safety measures go too far, leaving wildlife deprived of the habitat they need. We have to be more aware of our actions.

By providing a well designed, safe nest box you are able to help the birds while being able to watch them raise their offspring – everyone’s a winner! 

Why have a Phil Lavender nest box?

In short, because they will outlast any wooden box, have been tried and tested over a number of years and are created with minimal environmental impact.

I was 12 when I put up my first owl box, which unfortunately fell apart after two years!

Now many years later and a few hundred boxes further on, I have built & tested many variations, aiming to create the perfect nestbox.

In 2011 I created this new tyre design, and instantly recognised that it was superior to anything I’d previously made or seen.

As well as being popular with the birds, it is made of recycled materials, is long lasting and blends into the environment. 

Being unique in design and construction, with curves not squares, these boxes closely resemble a natural hollow and blend in well with the tree and environment. They are made from durable materials and built to last.

The Nest Boxes

Barn Owl Box

With fewer barns available for nesting could you offer one of these beautiful birds a home?

Kestrel Box

Very vocal and entertaining to watch, kestrels are better than Netflix!

Tawny Owl Box

Tawny owls pair for life making this a great gift for weddings and anniversaries.

little owl nestbox

Little Owl Box

If you are lucky enough to have them in your area a nest boxes could help Little Owls thrive.