Barn Owl Nestbox

Why get a barn owl nestbox?

This beautiful ghost-like owl floats around field edges with such buoyancy that one cannot help to stare and wonder at such a delicate creation.

In Britain the barn owl is at the edge of its range due to our cold and wet winters. It is more suited to warmer climates. Visiting various ruins in Turkey I noticed barn owls were abundant and even were the same colour as the ruins and cliff faces that they nested in. This gives some indication of how and where they evolved.

Here in the UK they nest in barns, hollow trees and specially designed barn owl nestboxes which can be either inside or outside of a barn or tree mounted

Unlike Tawny owls they can have 2 broods per season if the weather permits and the rodent numbers are high.

They are very messy at nest and roost sites. Their large black pellets and chalky white splashes give away their preferred roost.

Unlike the tawny, the barn owl’s call is very bland indeed. A short mid pitch squeal or screech, not repeated.

Barn owl nestbox with owl peeking out

The outdoor nestbox is ideal for trees or the outside of barns.

indoor barn owl nestbox

The indoor nestbox is designed to be fitted inside a barn.

Barn Owl Box – Outdoor

Handmade using recycled and sustainable materials. 

£95.00 (+ delivery)


Barn Owl Box – Indoor

Handmade using recycled and sustainable materials. 

£95.00 (+ delivery)


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