Kestrel Nestbox

Why have a kestrel nestbox? The kestrel is our commonest falcon and is mostly seen hovering above road verges or perched on small trees as it scans the rough grass for small rodents and insects.

Kestrels nest mainly in a tree hollow, sometimes in an old crows nest but they take readily to nest boxes sited near good hunting ground.  If you have a kestrel nest nearby you will know how vocal and entertaining they are! 

Because they are diurnal (active during daytime) their activity is more noticeable than owls, especially around the nest tree. If you want to reconnect with nature, get a kestrel nestbox. When you invest in nature you become healthier.

kestrel nestbox with 3 chicks
Fluffy kestrel chicks in a kestrel nestbox

I’m still amazed that some people view kestrels as troublesome!  What is it that makes them think kestrels upset the balance of nature?

Raptors are still persecuted because of some dated beliefs that still linger from the old ways of the Victorian country life. Sometimes the word tradition is used like an iron fortress, to resist change. But change it will, as people become more enlightened. 

Long live the kestrel!

Mounting Tips

Kestrels will nest in many types of habitat including open country, farmland, woodland edges, parks and gardens even in urban centres. 

Mounting your kestrel nestbox in the best position will increase the likelihood of residents moving in quickly. We recommend you mount the away from bright security lights to avoid disturbing the birds. Avoid mounting over a pond as a fallen kestrel will easily drown. (Water troughs kill many owls and kestrels. Put 1 or 2 concrete blocks in the middle, submerged, as a step up for birds trapped in the water. 

Rodent poison baits will end up accumulating in kestrels as they consume large numbers of rodents, resulting in a slow painful death for the kestrel. Avoid using rodent poisons if you are installing a kestrel nest box.

The boxes come with a simple instructions and advice on where best to site the box.

There is also the option of installing a camera for live viewing or recording the action.

Once occupied, the birds usually return to breed year after year

Kestrel Next Box – Handmade using recycled and sustainable materials. 

£95.00 (+ delivery)


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