Little Owl Nestbox

Why have a little owl nestbox?

A glare from a little owl is something you will never forget, it has such a penetrating stare. 

These small owls of field and hedgerow were introduced into Britain in the late 19th century and colonised widely.

In the 1970’s they were much more common. I would regularly see them perched on roadside fence posts on less busy roads. You could walk right past this owl as it sits perfectly still on a tree branch with its grey camouflage and it’s big eyes kept tightly shut for a near perfect concealment. 


Little owl nestbox with owlet
little owl nestbox

 They are much less common today. If you are lucky enough to have them in your area, consider one or more well sited nest boxes to encourage them to nest and thrive. They need a cavity with a small entrance hole anywhere from ground level to 2M above.

Where natural sites in old decaying trees are not available, nest boxes provide a great substitute. Little owls are active during daytime, particularly dawn and dusk. They are very entertaining to observe and the young owlets emerging from the nest hole are the cutest things you will ever see! 

They forage for insects and worms and hunt small rodents.

Mounting Tips

Mounting your little owl nest box in the best position will increase the likelihood of residents moving in quickly. We recommend mounting the away from bright security lights to avoid disturbing the birds. Avoid mounting over a pond as a fallen owlet will easily drown. (Water troughs kill many owls and kestrels. Put 1 or 2 concrete blocks in the middle, submerged, as a step up for birds trapped in the water.

The boxes come with simple fitting instructions and advice on where best to site the box.

There is also the option of installing a camera for live viewing or recording the action.

Once occupied, the birds usually return to breed year after year.

Little Owl Next Box – Handmade using recycled and sustainable materials.

£85.00 (+ delivery)


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