Tawny Owl Nestbox

Why get a tawny owl nestbox?

The beautiful Tawny Owl is Britain’s most common owl and responsible for the classic “twit twoo” hooting that you hear after dark though this is a misnomer from Shakespeare..

The male generally hoots and the female responds with her “kee wick, kee wick” call.

Tawny owls pair for life making a tawny owl box the ideal wedding or anniversary gift.

Owls take up residence in their nests from January, leaving with their chicks in April or May time. Once they have successfully reared a brood they will usually return the following January to nest again.

tawny owl nestbox fluffy baby owlet

Once you have installed the nest keep an eye out for arrivals. Many times people have who have installed a tawny owl nest box have said to me “We haven’t had any owls yet”, but when I have checked it myself there is evidence of a family raised and gone.

While you have been busy with your life they have been busy with theirs. Listening out during spring evenings is the best time to hear and see owl activity near the nest site. Don’t get too close though as mother owls will defend their young bravely. I have received a thump on the head from a protective mother owl as I retrieved a camera mounted on a nearby branch to a nest box. Take care, especially when she has young in the box.  

Mounting Tips

Mounting your tawny owl nest box in the best position will increase the likelihood of residents moving in quickly. We recommend you mount the nest box in a mature tree, away from bright security lights as owls have eyes designed to see in darkness.

Avoid mounting over a pond as a fallen owlet will easily drown. (Water troughs kill many owls and kestrels. Put 1 or 2 concrete blocks in the middle, submerged, as a step up for birds trapped in the water. Busy or fast roads are fatal to owls, especially young owls, so site the box away from them.

Rodent poison baits will end up accumulating in owls as they consume large numbers of rodents, resulting in a slow painful death for the owl. Avoid using rodent poisons if you are installing an owl nest box.

Fixing instructions are included with the nest box.

tawny owl nestbox on tree

Tawny Owl Box – Handmade using recycled and sustainable materials. 

£95.00 (+ delivery)


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